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Coopera e. V. fosters horizontal civil society cooperation, interdisciplinary and translocal knowledge exchange, and empowerment in the times of Russian invasion in Ukraine. We work in the areas of decolonial solidarity, (queer)feminism and anti-racism, arts and urbanism, sustainability, media (in exile), and political education.
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A booklet on the table, in SDG colors, the text on the cover: "Be the change you want to see". Everything is in SDG Lens brand colors.
Shadow reports and promotion of civic engagement to implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Summer. The sky with some clouds. The trees and the grass are green. On the foreground a cow is standing on a pile of broken bricks and other rubbish. On the background a river and a panel house.
Research and educational programs, exhibitions, civic engagement in urban development
A group of study trip participants standing on the roof among big satellite dishes.

Citizen+ is an online platform for political education. We do online courses, podcasts, webinars, training, and study trips for young people.

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